New Vision is a customer-oriented Saudi facility management company focused on providing its customers the utmost in efficiency and customer service while preserving a high degree of integrity and reliability. In order to address the wide range of our clients needs, New Vision provides facility management services to both commercial and residential clients.

New Vision is committed to sustaining a strong value system while delivering quality services in accordance with the highest internationally recognized facility management standards. This attention to excellence, values, and understanding of local customers needs allows us to build long-term customer relationships which are built on trust.

Perfection of Service : Our Vision

New Visions success can be attributed to our sole vision, which is to lead the Saudi Facility Management market for high-end residential and commercial properties by providing the best possible service to our customers, allowing them to have peace of mind when it comes to their facility management needs.

Professional Integrity : Our Values

All of us at New Vision, from our company’s founders to the newest members of our team, are guided by the values of providing excellent service and maintaining personal and professional integrity towards our customers and fellow employees.

Our Team

New Vision managers are committed professionals, and our technicians as valued team members. We strive to maintain a policy of respect towards all technicians, treating them as individuals and working with them to develop and improve their professional and personal skills.

New Vision technicians are professionally trained and certified. They have also received additional training in customer service.  All of them understand the cultural norms and service expectations of Saudi customers. They are also aware of the codes and facility requirement for MNCs.

Additionally, New Vision provide an on-site supervisor for every facility we manage with each supervisor reporting to a divisional manager. Our divisional managers are certified engineers with extensive experience in the Facility Management field.

We retain our highly trained and skilled staff by providing them with excellent pay, benefits, and accommodations. We believe that a satisfied employee will work his best to make our customer satisfied.

Our Business Approach

The New Vision approach is based on the combination of a total commitment to customer service and effective management. This combination enables us to continuously deliver quality solutions to our clients.

In our experience, outsourcing facility management services demands a high level of partnership and commitment between client and the service provider. We thoroughly understand this and always seek a personalized relationship with our clients. Our aim is to add value and achieve measurable success in everything we do. New Vision believes that guaranteed success will depend on partnership, mutual understanding, openness, trust, and confidence between all parties.

We take a pro-active approach by developing safety procedures to protect our staff while carrying out their work, thus creating a safer environment for our customers.