Our goal is to lift the burden of facility service issues from our clients, freeing them to focus on their core business.

Elyas Elyas / GM

We’ve Something For Everyone

  • Integrate fully with the client’s operations.
  • ,Provide the best possible service in terms of planning, service levels, functionality and performance.
  • ,Work flexibly across all activities and being able to adapt our services to future changes and needs.
  • ,Achieve continuing improvements in the level of service provided through constant assessment and reviews.
  • ,Work to the spirit of the contract.

Building Owners

Building owners and landlords are often faced with the difficult task of determining whether it is better to in-source or out-source facility management services for their facilities. The difficulty with in-sourcing is that it requires them to have a wide range of expertise across a many services, hard and soft.

New Vision can help by being the single point of contact between building owners and their service contractors. New Vision will appoint a qualified facility manager who will manage and track/report performance for all contractors.

By allowing us to take over your facility management services, building owners can focus on what matters most: the leasing and marketing activities for their facilities.

Single point of contact

Social Media Campaigns

Niche Marketing Specialists

Email Campaign Specialists

Creative Property Management

Top Real Estate management

Companies & Tenants

A safe and pleasant work environment is essential for attracting and retaining employees for any business. New Vision provides companies with total office solutions guaranteed to provide smooth day-to-day business operations. We provide customized office services for each client tailored to his requirements.
Multinational Companies and big local companies find New Vision a suitable partner to enhance office standards of their facilities. From the office safety and emergency evacuation planning to the detailed cleaning activity, New Vision will assess each situation and propose a customized “Total Office Solution” that fits each client’s needs.
New Vision will appoint an office manager to be integrated into the client’s operations. He will oversee all office services and systems, ensuring efficiency and cost optimization while keeping our client hassle-free when it comes to daily office issues.  In addition, he shall generate periodic reports that keep our client updated with office services KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Office Services:

General Maintenance Activities

Pantry Boy

Office Logistics and Mail Distribution


Office Safety & Emergency Planning

Housekeeping and Cleaning

Company Drivers

Pest Control