New Vision provides repair and maintenance services to keep your home in great condition. We have been maintaining high-end villas and residential complexes for more than five years. We offer both annual contracting and on-call services.

Elyas Elyas / GM

Increase Your Home’s Beauty, Value, and Functionality Today

  • We arrive on time.
  • ,We honor our work by giving you a 30-day warranty on executed jobs.
  • ,We are at your service 24/7/365.
  • ,We provide honest job estimates and use genuine parts.
  • ,Our technicians will clean-up after the job is done.


  • Hard Services: Maintenance and installations of air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, telephone, internet, and satellite dish systems, as well as minor civil work & renovation.
  • Soft Services: We shall recommend service providers for you who can handle landscaping, swimming pool cleaning, pest control, and duct cleaning.

With every home repair project, we try to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our home repair services are designed to improve the beauty, functionality, or value of your home. Through a pride in our craftsmanship, we provide the best home improvement services around!

On-call Servicing

Each customer registered with New Vision will be given a registration number that can be used anytime for easy reference. This shall help New Vision team retrieve customer information and home address more quickly for quicker service.

Customers usually elect to use the on-call service with New Vision before they sign an annual maintenance contract. On-call service is flexible, and customers shall only pay per each individual job, which includes costs for man-hours and spare parts.

Using our on-call service enables our customers to understand how we at New Vision operate while sampling our service at minimal cost.

There are two types of repair calls:

  1. Normal Call: Shall be scheduled within 48 hours from receipt of call.
  2.  Emergency Call: Shall be scheduled within two hours from receipt of call.

Annual Maintenance Contracting

An annual contract is by far the most practical and economical way to keep your home in best condition. Clients who sign an annual maintenance contract with New Vision can be confident that the necessary maintenance of their home is being taken care of by trained technicians, relieving them from major worries.  Also, this will help save money on utility expenses, as preventive maintenance will make air-conditioning system work more economically.

An annual maintenance plan will be established for each client’s property and will be tracked by New Vision engineers. Also, the client will have a bank of calls (Normal and Emergency) which he can use throughout the period of the contract.

Our extensive client list means that we always implement best practice techniques and pay attention to customer satisfaction.